My Conversion Testimony, Rusty Hudson

I have not always been a Christian, but I have always been taken to church. I am the first son and third child of four born to Royce and Barbara Hudson in Bryan, Texas. All four of us children were taken to church in our mother’s room. We all serve God to this day. My oldest sister is a regular in church, Bible study and ladies activities. My other older sister has gone on mission trips, and has had a long standing position on her church’s finance committee, and my younger brother is an elder and Sunday School teacher. I joke and say that I knew John 3:16 before I knew my name. This Christian cannot remember a time when I did not know about Jesus. He was even my constant companion since I was very young. But knowing about him and having him as a friend is not salvation.

As far back as I can remember I have always been conscious of my sins and my thoughts. We were raised in a family where our parents did not spare the rod. Yet we were balanced and loved. Never were any of us told we were no good. On the contrary we were loved by our church, friends, parents and most of all God. At the age of nine I realized my sins would cause me to go to hell, and my only hope was Jesus. After much agonizing prayer and little sleep on a Saturday night, I made the decision to make Jesus Lord of my life and “walked the aisle” the next morning. I wanted them to fill the baptistery and dunk me right then. In fact I became quite upset when they told me they were going to wait awhile until they baptized me. My mother said the minister had never seen a kid that wanted to get saved more than me. Their purpose was to allow some of the other boys to follow my lead and baptize us all at once. I then understood, and sure enough three other kids made professions a few weeks later. One of the biggest changes I noticed in my life was a zeal for the Lord. I can remember my first sermon in Vacation Bible School. I used a 3x5 index card for my notes. I recall looking out a window in the old church and understanding the doctrine of the divinity of Christ. I went to youth revivals, and was the only kid in my church that went to church camp in 1974. This fit my personality just fine because I was never one to do much of anything half way. I also noticed a change in my appetite for God’s word. I was called to preach at age eleven. I held a couple of our pastor’s in high regard. One was Louie Walston (he spoke at my ordination), a friend of my father’s and a bi-vocational pastor as well. He was ambidextrous, and could punt or pass with either foot or hand. The other was Bo Kelly a young college student who grew up in Jerry Clower’s town, Yazoo City, Mississippi. But the biggest change was that I knew I was saved. God’s spirit confirmed with my spirit that I was a child of God. Though I would fall away, God took possession of my life in a covenant relationship 38 years ago. He has never left me nor forsaken me. He has blessed me even as a sinner. I love Jesus Christ.

Though I was raised in a Christian home, I still had to make a personal decision to repent and place my faith in Him. Just because we are born in water does not make us a fish! We must all decide individually. And yes I was called to preach, you might be too, but we are all called in some way to serve Him. And yes I love Jesus, but it’s only because he first loved me. He loves you too. Jesus died for you, as surely as He died for me. What else could he do to prove his love for us? May I share with you how you also can have Jesus Christ as Savior? Can I share with you how you too can know that you are saved, a child of God?

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