David: The Past Can Work for Your Present Good

David was the second man to be crowned King of Ancient Israel, but David is first in the hearts of many who are familiar with his story. He lived a unique life and accomplished many things, but his victory over the behemoth Goliath is what he is best known for. Did you know David’s battle with Goliath was not his first, nor his last? Yet he almost always confronted the difficulties and the giants in his life with great faith and confidence. How did he attain such faith and confidence? Quite simply; David attained his faith and confidence from surviving and thriving through the smaller difficulties of the past.

The Philistine forces were led by a giant warrior named Goliath. Twice a day for forty days Goliath cursed the Israelite army, challenged their faith by also cursing their God, and dared any and all to a duel. No man in Israel was found brave enough or faithful enough to face the arrogant giant. Then David arrived, young but brave and full of faith. He accepted the challenge and was sent to King Saul for his blessing. Saul feared David would perish if he faced the giant in combat; yet David was not dismayed. Why? The reason is because of what I referred to above. You see David, just like you and I, had difficulties in the past; namely wild animal attacks upon his father’s sheep. He had already been confronted with hard times and overcome them. So have you. All life has trouble; all life has a little rain. Your life included, and your very existence is proof that you like David have already overcome a lot. When the lion and the bear came and carried off his father’s sheep, David then only a boy, chased after the wild beasts, retrieved the sheep and killed the predators. David “triumphed” first over the lion and then over the bear. The lion was menacing and tall in stature, but the bear even more so, and Goliath even more terrifying than the bear. David’s victory over the lion helped build his faith and confidence to overcome the bear, which built his faith and confidence to “triumph” over the giant. In the same way, all your times of “triumph” over difficulties in the past will help you become the victor now; even in the difficulty of grief.

I hope you are seeing the great value of past difficulties, yet I would assume that perhaps you also think this time it is different. Granted, this is different, you hurt like never before, or maybe you’ve already waged war with a big giant in life and just don’t feel up to another struggle. But remember David’s battle with Goliath was not his last. He still had political struggles, military campaigns and severe family dysfunction to confront. Sometimes he grew weak and perplexed, other times powerful and direct; yet through it all his faith and confidence remained firmly entrenched. It has been said that, “The faith that is worthwhile is the faith that can smile when everything goes dead wrong.” I don’t know about all of that, yes I agree faith will eventually bring a smile to your face. I believe this, for I smile now after much heartache. But sometimes it’s a struggle. I do know that our faith is precious. I do know our faith will be tested. And I do know our faith is worth more than gold purified by fire! Hold onto your faith; do not lose confidence in God. After all, He has seen you through a lot already. If you do, I think you will discover that all things really do work for the good of those who love the Lord, who are called according to His purpose. Life has troubles, and your very existence proves your past “triumphs.”

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