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My Conversion Testimony, Rusty Hudson

I have not always been a Christian, but I have always been taken to church. I am the first son and third child of four born to Royce and Barbara Hudson in Bryan, Texas. All four of us children were taken to church in our mother’s room. We all serve God to this day. My oldest sister is a regular in church, Bible study and ladies activities. My other older sister has gone on mission trips, and has had a long standing position on her church’s finance committee, and my younger brother is an elder and Sunday School teacher. I joke and say that I knew John 3:16 before I knew my name. This Christian cannot remember a time when I did not know about Jesus. He was even my constant companion since I was very young. But knowing about him and having him as a friend is not salvation.

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David: The Past Can Work for Your Present Good

David was the second man to be crowned King of Ancient Israel, but David is first in the hearts of many who are familiar with his story. He lived a unique life and accomplished many things, but his victory over the behemoth Goliath is what he is best known for. Did you know David’s battle with Goliath was not his first, nor his last? Yet he almost always confronted the difficulties and the giants in his life with great faith and confidence. How did he attain such faith and confidence? Quite simply; David attained his faith and confidence from surviving and thriving through the smaller difficulties of the past.

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